Students of the Graduate School Participate in Likhang Arriba Student Research Colloquia Series

Art card courtesy of the Letran APRD

Students from the Graduate School had presented their research papers in the Likhang Arriba Student Research Colloquia Series organized virtually by the Research and Publication Department on July 18, 2020.

The presenters of the said colloquium are students from the Graduate School who had completed their research papers in their respective research classes. Furthermore, these papers come from different fields of interests—human resource, tourism, enterprise planning, and business administration.

Presenters and papers include the following:

The Dark Spectrum of Travel: A Value-Driven Dark Tourism Marketing Model by Emmanuel Dotong

Demand driven Human Resource Development of Life Insurance Business in the Philippines for the 21st Century by Allan Calderon

Effectiveness of Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange: The Country’s First Landport in promoting a Restructured Transportation System by Rommel Salamanca

Employability and Job Placement of ICT Graduates in Metro Manila by Josephine Talucod

Adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning towards the Efficiency of Organizational Performance by Emiliño Velasco