Students of CBAA Participate in Likhang Arriba Student Research Colloquia Series

Art card courtesy of the Letran APRD

Students from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy had presented their research papers in the Likhang Arriba Student Research Colloquia Series organized virtually by the Research and Publication Department on July 3, 2020.

The presenters of the said colloquium are students from the CBAA who had completed their research papers in their respective classes. Furthermore, these papers come from different fields of interests—management, business, tourism, and food technology.

Presenters and papers include the following:

Strategic Management Paper: Philippine Seven Corporation by Clarisse Dinglasan, Erwin Joshua Alcazar, Kyla Allysa Lorenzana, Allyza Marie Yu, and Angel Romdel Canzan

Strategic Management Paper: Joben’s Bus Express by Erica Beth Oaferina, Mariella Mae Rosello, King Xydrix Benito, David Adrian Domingo, Christine Joie Macatangay, and Alexis Rey Angulo

Development of Vitamin A-Rich Pasta Using Rice Bran Flour as Partial Substitute to Wheat Flour by Ailyn Reyes, RND and Lindsay Gagelonia, RND

Business Plan: House of Cereals by Daniela Sacilioc, Mark Ligon, and Emmanuel Garcia

Status of Hearing-Impaired Tour Guides of Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines: A Basis For a Proposed Intervention Program by Kizmeth Sta. Ana, Kirsten Tolentino, Kimberly Borromeo