Espinosa and Mangali Published in an International Research Journal

Assoc. Prof. Ken Paul Espinosa and Assoc. Prof. Glen Mangali, both from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, had published their paper in the 10th volume of International Journal of Research Studies in Education last March 4, 2021.

Entitled “ScITECH: An approach in teaching Science Technology Society (STS) course in higher education”, Espinosa and Mangali aimed to develop the curriculum and method of teaching of Science, Technology, and Society (STS), a General Education course offered by their home college. Using a sequential mixed method, they had compared and analyzed the appreciation of students on the ScITECH (Student-Faculty Connection, Individual Difference, Technological Integration, Essentials, Collaborative Learning, and Higher-Order Thinking Skills) approach vis-à-vis their appreciation of a traditionally taught STS.

The said research publication is published by the International Journal of Research Studies in Education may be accessed through this link: