Faculty Members and Support Staff Present in the Concept Paper Presentation

Faculty Members from the different academic departments as well as support staff members from the Colegio had presented their respective research concept papers last Sept. 12-19, 2019 at the Research Productivity Room.

Almost forty proposals were evaluated by the Center’s pool of research experts—Asst. Prof. Glen Mangali, a senior researcher of the Letran Research Center; Asst. Prof. Darwin Rungduin, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and Asst. Prof. Louie Ian Mariano, the Director of the Letran Research Center.

The proposals shall then be screened based from the scores that they have garnered during the Concept Paper Presentation in order to determine the researches that will be funded by the Center this academic year.

The proposals came from the fields of psychology, tourism, business, education, social sciences, library science, food science, and natural science, among others.