Vincent Altez |

October 16, 2019
Political Science

Much had been told in history that the best symphony comes from everyone in the group doing the best they can have for themselves as well as for the group. When a person pursues what is essential for his well-being and tries to make himself as successful as possible, it is a pleasing truth for his community. But it is more rewarding if that individual, along with his success, also makes a difference for the community. This simple analogy stands up as one of the major foundations for achieving accomplishments in many areas of human concerns including the continuous search for solutions to alleviate poverty. Academe is a witness to the increasing rate of poverty in the Philippines especially in the urban areas. Along with the development of Metro Manila and other major regional centers, the manifestations of poverty are also creating its own magnitude. Hordes of domestic migrants from depressed provinces came in to developed locations to find their source of living and attempt to experience some of the luxuries in life. However, these urban areas do not have enough capacity to provide them the best quality of life which in turn creates additional problems like proliferation of informal settlers, unemployment, and, worst, hunger.

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