Fr. Fausto Gomez, O.P. |

October 16, 2019
Political Science

Once, after speaking on informed/substitute consent, a pediatrician told me: “Father, I decide on behalf of the parents, because I know better.” On another occasion, a physician said to me: “Father, I love my patients so much that I carry out their requests.” How do we evaluate the actions of these two physicians? What will be the bases for our ethical judgment? I hope we shall be able to answer those questions properly after reflecting on the topic “A Moral Philosophical Basis for Bioethics.” From the Philippines and in a global perspective, I plan to develop the theme in four parts. First, I shall speak on bioethics and its possible groundings; second, on the most radical philosophical foundation of bioethics, namely, the human person, his/her dignity and rights; third, on the radical principle of ethics and bioethics, that is, the principle of respect for human beings, and fourth, on the intrinsic ethical principles, namely, virtues.

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