Christine Cruz | Melson John Lo | Mary Abigail Pesebre | Jachebed Jrace Riza | Erika Bianca Samson |

September 24, 2019
Natural Sciences

Watermelon rind is considered as a major solid waste in the Philippines due to the high consumption of watermelon pulp. It is said to contain at least 13% of pectin. Pectin is used as a gelling agent for jam and jellies. This study aims to extract pectin from watermelon rind and to characterize the extracted pectin to determine the pectin yield, equivalent weight, methoxyl content, total anhydrouronic acid content and degree of esterification. The watermelon rind was dried using a cabinet dryer @ 50°C for 24hrs before conducting the extraction. The extraction of the pectin was conducted using microwave assisted extraction (pH 2, 700 W, 158 sec). The extracted coagulated pectin was characterized obtaining the following results: pectin yield (.17%), equivalent weight (192.31), methoxyl content (1.18%), total anhydrouronic acid content (15.84%) and degree of esterification (0.42%). Based on the results obtained, it shows that watermelon rind has a low content of pectin.

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