Nolan Joseph De Los Santos | Divina Alexandra Maat | Adaya Izebel Ventura |

September 24, 2019
Natural Sciences

There is an increase need for food product development due to the continuing age in consumers’ interests and demands. Sweet potato (SP), a common root crop in the Philippines, is commonly used as food crop and is usually eaten boiled or fried. The roots, stems and leaves of SP have been utilized for different food products such as jam, flour and animal feeds. This study aims to utilize the tuberous root of orange sweet potato variety into ketchup. Raw orange sweet potato (OSP) and the developed ketchup were subjected to proximate, total dietary fiber, Vitamin A analysis, physicochemical and microbiological analysis. The proximate analysis of the ketchup showed that OSP ketchup is a poor source of protein (0.53g/100g) and fat (none-detected). However, the ash content increased (2.1g/100g) and there is a decrease of carbohydrate content (18.77g/100g) due to the process of boiling. On the other hand, the moisture increased (78.6g/100g) due to addition and absorption of more water. The presence of the dietary fiber and vitamin A (2.8g/100g and 15.6 µgRE/100g, respectively) contributes to the nutritional composition of the OSP ketchup. The physicochemical analysis showed that titratable acidity particularly citric acid (0.54 %w/v) inhibits the microbial growth while water activity content (0.936 Aw) showed that the product is susceptible to microbial growth. The viscosity (58,980 cp) and pH (4.11 %w/v) is within the standard showing that it possesses the qualities of ketchup. However the total soluble solids (13.1%w/v) can still be improved. The sensory evaluation of the SP ketchup showed that majority of the panellist scored 7 (like moderately) means that OSP ketchup is acceptable. The microbial analysis showed that SP ketchup complied with the standards and could be considered safe. The result of this study has proved that sweet potato could be utilized and developed into a variety of food product like ketchup.

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