Mark Francis Astom |

April 14, 2021
Natural Sciences

The ability of the soil to support the growth and development of the plants depends on its properties, hence there is the need to sample and analyze soil, especially in agricultural areas. The study was conducted to gauge the physical and chemical properties of the soil found in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. Generally, the soil in the town is classified as the Bantay series, a soil characterized by poor internal drainage because of its shale substratum. Results show that the soil has a dark color – between yellow and yellow- red – and a saturated chroma. The soil sample has a sandy clay loam texture. The soil has a relatively high percentage of sand, an adequate amount of silt, and a low percentage of clay and it is composed mostly of silt and clay, followed by gravel, fine sand, and coarse sand. Moreover, the soil sample is slightly acidic. It is also worth noting that the soil has a small amount of chloride, enough to sustain the life of plants. There is an adequate amount of calcium in the soil, providing an equilibrium among the constituents that could affect the fertility of the soil. The amount of iron in the soil sample is quite high. Iron is needed to satisfy the needs of most plants. There is a very low amount of aluminum in the sample. Such results indicate that the soil is efficient for plants that are acid tolerant. The soil sample has very low ppm ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen. Such results are expected in fertile soil. Keywords: soil, soil properties, physical and chemical properties

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