Harvvey Leonard Contreras | Jairus Guadiz | Christine Joy Marasigan | Mariane Molina | Irineo Quinto |

September 24, 2019
Information Technology

As the technology invades our homes, the chance of electrical fires happening increased over recent years. The study, Smart Adaptor is the solution suited in preventing those fires with simple home automation using smart adaptor system which transforms traditional appliances at home into a smart one. It was focused on creating a device to be added to the home appliances that is efficient, reliable and accurate and helped on lessening fire breakouts due to electronic malfunction. The device was tested in two households in Brgy. 150 Tondo, Manila wherein the device was used in two weeks span. The three main components were examined wherein the PIR sensors ability to detect human presence, the smart adaptors capability of turning off appliances and the Main servers monitoring skill were tested. The efficiency was based on the power consumption in two households wherein a decrease of 20-28% in the total power consumption with Smart Adaptor was measured. The average response time of 0.95 seconds proved the reliability of the PIR sensor to detect human presence within the range of 105o within 5.4 meters distance and 2.74 meters width. The connectivity of the PIR and main server had an accuracy of 90% while that of the smart adaptor to the main server was 85%. Hence, the three main components in a system were acceptable to the respondents with 4.35 overall rating. Thus, the system was capable of monitoring home appliances and reduces fire breakouts at the same time.

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