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September 09, 2020
Sustainable Energy

The Philippines is one of the countries that are inclined to calamities and crises as it belongs in the Pacific ring of fire. Power interruptions would be one of the significant impacts of calamities. We realize that power plays an essential part in the correspondence and communications of numerous individuals. Does sunlight based and mechanical vitality can be a substitute power supply as far as crises? Electric generators come with different forms. The generation of electricity comes from different forms of energy (mechanical, solar, etc.). The solar panel has also been discovered wherein it’s the solar energy that is converted to electricity and this kind of generator is often present in tropical countries (Destreza, 2014). The quantitative study examines the output voltage of the fabricated generator. The objective of the study is to design and innovate a generator using a different kind of energy from mechanical, chemical, and solar energy as a source of energy that will provide electricity to charge smartphones, radio, and flashlights in times of emergencies for the Philippines is susceptible to natural calamities because of its location (Pacific Ring of Fire). Using an experimental approach in gathering data, the hypotheses are as follows: The principle and procedure for electromagnetic induction will be applied for mechanical and Photovoltaic for solar so that the O.P.A. will convert it into electricity; O.P.A can generate electricity in more than a week for about 9-10 voltage and can charge Smartphones, and Flashlights that are important in case of emergencies and; The O.P.A. will use recyclable and non-hazardous materials with regards to cleanliness upon making the project so the process and the product itself will be environmentally friendly. The gathered materials will be tested using a multi-tester. It will be assembled according to the design plan and the voltage output will be obtained using multi-tester. The result showed that the number of dynamos affects the amount of output voltage. The lesser, but more than one, the dynamo, the higher voltage it will produce. The added solar panel is helpful as it will be the source of energy aside from the chemical energy stored in the battery.

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