Arnel Perez, MS |

June 03, 2020
Total Quality Management

This study reviewed the present situation of the Mabalacat City College (MCC) as an existing organization. It described how the organization operates and manages its everyday activities and how the organization handles and aligns its human resources with their tasks. Similarly, the study determined the different factors that influenced the operation of the organization. Furthermore, the study utilized McKinsey’s 7S Model in analyzing the different organizational elements of the Mabalacat City College. The 64 samples population in this study were obtained from the human resources of MCC and most of them agreed or favored the existence of McKinsey’s 7S organizational elements. The result of the study also showed that at significant level 0.05, the views of the teaching and non-teaching personnel on the 7S of McKinsey revealed no significant differences. However, as regard to the relationship of the 7S most of the elements were strongly correlated or aligned strategically fit (r>0.07). In this study, strategy; shared values; staff; and skills were identified as beneficial or strengths of MCC. All statistical measurements such as frequency, percentage, standard deviation, measurement of central tendency, Pearson r correlation, and t-test were computed and determined through the application of excel formula of Microsoft Excel software version 15.39 (Microsoft Corporation, 2017).

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