Harriette Mae Mercullo |

June 03, 2020
Communication and Branding

With the advent of Internet and digital technology, social networks have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With the rise of popular social media websites such as facebook, virtual online groups have been formed such as the Korean beauty products online resellers. These online resellers as a community of practice is a group of individuals who share the same objective, that is, to offer the best facial and skin care regimen and provide remedies to face and skin related problems by reselling Korean cosmetics and skin care products while providing a source of income to the members. In gathering information relevant to this research, a corpus of online posts and comments of the Korean beauty products online resellers group were collected and analyzed. This paper argues that Korean beauty products online resellers, as a community of practice, observes what Canagarajah (2013) calls as translingual practice which is evident in their online posts, comments and exchanges. Further, this paper also argues that the use of English in online communities such as the online resellers group has become ‘hybridized’ borrowing Schneider (2016) concept of hybridity.

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