Mary Grace Guinto |

June 03, 2020
Information Technology

The study has focused in the development of a product that could help the insurance company to verify if their policyholder has encountered an accident or collision. When the car owner encounters an accident or collision it will notify the insurance company via web by sending the pictures of collision and the details of the vehicle, this serves a supporting tool for the insurance policy holder whenever they encountered an accident or collision. The method used for the development of the project is the agile development method. Agile development method attempts to develop a system incrementally, it emphasizes continuous feedback. The hardware materials that were used in this project are the single board which is the raspberry pi, collision sensors that detects the collision, cameras that captures the images when there is an impact detected. The raspberry pi will send the information such as the location of the accident or collision using the GPS, vehicle’s plate number and the owner’s name via web. A text message will be received by the policyholder when the information is receive in the insurance company’s web site. And the insurance company can manage the status of the policyholder’s claim.

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