Instruction To Authors



  1. General Overview
    •   Antorcha is a semi-annual scholarly journal of Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila published every September and March. As a multidisciplinary research journal, it welcomes researches from the senior high school and undergraduate students of the Colegio.
  2. Guidelines and Procedure for the Student Publication
    1.   Aside from the top 3 papers recommended by program chairpersons/coordinators, the Center also releases a Call for Papers months before the publication of an issue. Interested student researchers not included in the top 3 papers submitted by their program chairpersons/coordinator may also submit their researches for peer review provided they have the recommendation from their research advisers.
    2. Manuscripts should be endorsed by their respective program chairpersons together with the consent from the student researchers and research adviser.
    3. Authors should submit two versions of the manuscript. One file (“file not for review”) should include the names of the authors (adviser and student/s), their contact information (e-mail addresses), and current affiliation (program/area and college). The other file (“file for review”) should remove any information that would identify the authors.
    4. The paper should include keywords and an abstract of 150 - 300 words.
    5. The article should contain approximately 6000 – 7000 words (including abstract, tables/figures, and references) and should be typed in a 12-point font, Garamond, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on all sides.
    6. Tables/figures and references should follow the APA (6th Edition) format style for non-engineering fields and the IEEE citation for engineering papers. Table titles are placed above while figure titles are placed below.
    7. Reference should follow the APA format for non-engineering fields and the IEEE citation for engineering papers.
    8. The editors prefer to have the file in Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document (.doc) format and should be sent to
    9. Manuscripts that are already published or in the process of publication in other journals will not be considered for publication in Antorcha.
  3. Review Process
    1. The editor screens the submitted manuscripts and selects those deemed suitable for peer reviewing. Selected articles then undergo a rigorous double-blind refereeing.
    2. Once accepted, a Copyright Agreement (Form SR15) will have to be sought from the student researchers and their research adviser.
    3. Attached with the letter of acceptance are the comments and suggestions from the members of the editorial board. Revisions should be in incorporated and returned to the Center within 2 weeks.
    4. The editor makes the final decision on the publication of the revised articles.