Director's Message

Asst. Prof. Louie Ian B. Mariano, RChE, MEN
Director, Letran Research center

There is no doubt that research is one of the pillars of education, alongside instruction and community service. Through research, we can gather new knowledge and information for the enhancement of intellectual understanding and guide in decision-making abilities.

The Letran Research Center is responsible in providing quality researches and publications to intensify the research culture of the Colegio. Along with its mission to become the torch of light and knowledge, the Center also aims to rigorously develop the research skills of all members of the Colegio—students, faculty members, staff, and administrators—in order to push the frontiers of knowledge while under the wing of the Dominican Province of the Philippines.

In the long run, we envision the Center to be in the forefront of scholarly researches in the Philippines that is recognized and accredited by the international academic community. This would be realized through the development of the capacity and capability of every member of the Colegio in order to become a community of intellectual professionals that are responsive to pressing and various national and international issues.

Both the Employee and Student arms of the Letran Research Center are working hard to ensure the prompt and quality delivery of research services to the Colegio. From the conduct of research and provision of grants and incentives to close monitoring of scholarly projects of the students in all aspects, we ensure our contribution to the Colegio’s commitment to quality and Dominican education.

¡Siempre Arriba! ¡Siempre Letran!