Culture and Arts


This paper titled, The Evolution of Street Dance in the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival provides the basic knowledge of the origin of the festival and the nature of the dances being performed during the street dancing event and how it evolved from its simple beginning up to the present. A qualitative method was employed through focus group discussions, interviews with key informants, actual observations, and survey with documentary analysis. The respondents were street dance organizers, dance teachers/choreographers who yearly participate in the festival, while schools were randomly selected where the proponent conducted observations. With a fact, that the city serves as the melting pot of diverse cultures, the street dance organizers are still gradually making ways in order to put up “distinct characteristics” and calling the performances Zamboanga’s own. One thing is clear to everyone that the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival is celebrated in honor of Zamboanga City’s patroness, the Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar. The concept of theme for costume and performance is left to the discretion of the participants as long as it depicts the Hispanic influence, culture and tradition of the Zamboangueños. The dance should also portray homage to the Lady of Pilar. It is recommended that the Video-CD produced in this study on the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival should be utilized to provide concrete documentation of preserving the rich heritage of the Zamboangueño culture, in observance of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival particularly in the street dancing event.